10 Most Practical And Useful Lexus NX Accessories

The Lexus NX is a luxury crossover SUV that has very unique features. To take full advantage of all the perks this Lexus SUV has to offer, these accessories should be added to your list of must-haves.


The Lexus NX is a popular crossover SUV that was first introduced to the public in 2014. It’s the Japanese automaker’s first offering in the compact luxury SUV market. The Lexus NX is a good choice for those who prefer to drive around in a luxurious, small vehicle. It’s well-equipped with premium materials and offers high-tech gadgets.

If you own a Lexus NX, you may be interested in buying some accessories to make your SUV even better. In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the most practical and useful Lexus NX accessories on the market today!

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All-Weather Floor Mats

For the Lexus NX owner that wants to keep their car looking as clean and new as possible, All-Weather Floor Mats are an essential purchase.

As the name suggests, these floor mats are designed to protect your floorboards from dirt, moisture, and mud. They are made of a durable rubberized material that is easy to clean. They are cut precisely to fit the floor of your Lexus NX and have specially designed retention clips (on the driver’s side mat) and a textured finish that helps prevent them from sliding around.

Cargo Nets

You never know when you’re going to need a little extra storage space in your vehicle, which is why cargo nets are such an important accessory to have. Many people forget to purchase these nets, but they can make a huge difference when it comes time to store something that you don’t want rolling around inside of your car.

Cargo nets are a great way to secure your luggage and other items in the cargo area of your Lexus NX. They attach to the hooks inside your SUV to keep your cargo exactly in place. These cargo nets are designed to help keep the cargo area organized and to prevent items from rolling around or shifting during sharp turns.


If you love taking your Lexus NX off-road or if you find yourself driving through gravel or dirt roads often, then mudguards are a must.

You don’t want to get mud all over your vehicle, especially if it has just recently been washed or painted. When you drive through an area with lots of dirt and water on the road, dirt and water will splash up onto your car as well. This means that all of the dirt is going to cover your vehicle, making it look dirty and ugly again. Mudguards will prevent this from happening, making sure that water and dirt don’t end up all over your vehicle while you are driving through these areas.

Mudguards also protect your vehicle. They keep the exterior safe from flying debris and road grime that can cause costly damage to your vehicle’s paint job. Mudguards also protect other vehicles from getting hit by debris from your tires.

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Rear Bumper Protector

If you’re one of those people who would rather be safe than sorry, then you need a rear bumper protector.

The Lexus NX is a great SUV, but it’s not invincible. You need to provide it with the right protection so that it stays in pristine condition for years to come. This accessory is the perfect way to keep your car looking and feeling new as if you just bought it off the lot. With this item, you’ll never have to worry about parking mishaps or anything else that may happen to damage your vehicle.

The rear bumper protector gives your car the protection it deserves. It helps protect against scratches, scrapes and other minor damage from loading and unloading groceries, luggage, strollers and other items. The padded foam bumper guard protects the upper portion of the rear bumper, providing a soft cushion to absorb impacts.

This is a great accessory for those with small children who open car doors or for anyone carrying gear that could potentially damage your paint job. Plus, it’s easy to install!

Roof Rack Cross Bars

If you have a lot of stuff to carry, and you’re not sure how to fit it all in your car, then you will want to invest in roof rack cross bars. As the name suggests, they are bars that attach to the roof of your vehicle, and they offer a convenient way to carry extra equipment on top of your car without sacrificing space inside the vehicle.

The best part about roof rack cross bars is that they can be used for any type of vehicle, whether it’s a small car or even a large SUV. You can get them installed on your vehicle so that you can carry extra items like kayaks, bikes, or even surfboards with ease.

There are many benefits to using roof rack cross bars for your Lexus NX. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Storage Space: One of the most important benefits of these accessories is that they give you more storage space on your vehicle by providing an area to mount cargo boxes, kayaks, canoes, bikes, and more.
  • Safety: Without a crossbar system, there is nothing holding down the item you have placed on top of the car. This could cause it to move around or even fall off while driving. Cross bars provide stability and keep everything in place so you can focus on the road ahead instead of watching out for falling items behind you!
  • Price: The cost associated with cross bars depends on what material they are made out of but generally is not very expensive compared to other types of auto accessories such as window tinting or paint protection film (PPF) installations which cost thousands dollars each time.



Dashcams, also known as dashboard cameras, are small cameras that attach to your car’s windshield (or sometimes the dashboard) to record everything that goes on in front of your car.

For most, the main reason they buy a dashcam is to have protection in the event of an accident. Even if you are 100% not at fault, it is incredibly difficult to prove you are innocent and many drivers will try to make a claim against you. A dashcam can be used as evidence to show that you were not at fault for the accident.

Dash Cams can also help with parking accidents. Many drivers will park too closely or will back into your vehicle in the parking lot and then leave without leaving any information. If you have a dashcam you can use this as evidence and make a claim against the guilty party.

You can also use your dashcam while off-roading or on road trips to capture footage of your adventures. You can use this footage to make a video montage when you get home and relive the memories all over again!

Alloy Wheel Locks

Alloy wheel locks are hexagonal-shaped bolts that have a special design and threading. Each set of alloy wheel locks features a unique key so they are very difficult to remove without using the correct key.

Car theft is an unfortunate reality in today’s world. Although it is a rare occurrence for most cars, thefts do occur frequently enough that it’s important to take steps to protect your vehicle.

While alarm systems and other security measures are great ways to prevent theft, they don’t go far enough to protect your car’s tires and wheels. As soon as a thief can get their hands on your car’s lug nuts, they can steal your rims or even the entire car in minutes.

Alloy wheel locks deter theft by providing an extra layer of protection for your car. They are inexpensive and relatively easy to install, so there is no reason not to invest in them today!

Cargo Liner


Like all vehicles, the Lexus NX is susceptible to interior mess and damage. The main culprits are dirt, mud, snow, water, and other debris that gets tracked in by dirty shoes. To protect your interior from these elements, you need a cargo liner.

Cargo liners are very useful for people who carry messy loads in their cars, such as pets or sports equipment. They’re also handy if you work with tools or building materials because they prevent dirt and paint marks from getting into the trunk. The only downside to cargo liners is that they don’t always look great!

Phone Holder


If there’s one accessory that everyone can benefit from, it’s a phone holder. Whether you use it for navigation or to stream music, a good phone holder can be a lifesaver. There are three main types of phone holders: a portable magnetic holder, an air vent mount, or a CD slot mount.

Portable magnetic holders are very popular because they’re easy to use and convenient. They make mounting your phone as simple as placing it on the mount itself. These mounts also allow you to position your phone in any orientation you want and can be moved around easily.

Air vent mounts are great if you need to keep your phone concealed while driving. They can also be angled to better suit your needs.

CD slot mounts are very similar to air vent mounts but utilize the CD player instead of the vent system. This is great if you don’t have vents or don’t use them often.

Bike Racks & Carriers

Bike racks and carriers are the perfect way to take your bikes with you wherever you go. They attach to your vehicle’s roof, hitch, trunk, or truck bed to transport one or multiple bikes. Some cars even have built-in racks so you can easily mount your bike without any extra equipment.

Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

These racks can be installed onto any Lexus NX model equipped with a hitch receiver. You simply insert the shank into the receiver, secure it using the provided pin, and lock it using a locking hitch pin or cable lock. These racks also come with an anti-rattle feature to minimize movement while you’re driving, which helps prevent damage to either your bikes or vehicle.

Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

As the name implies, these mounts attach to your trunk or hatch for easy installation and removal. They use straps with rubber grips that hold on tightly without scratching your paint job, along with quick-release buckles for easy operation. These bike racks are ideal if you don’t want to install permanent fixtures on your vehicle but still want the option of transporting bicycles when needed.

Roof Bike Racks

The Lexus NX has a very low roofline, which can make it difficult to install traditional bike racks. One of the easiest ways to mount bikes on your NX is with a roof rack system. You may need additional crossbars for your rack if you don’t already have them installed on your vehicle. Once that’s all set up, you can mount your bikes to the top of your car, leaving more room in the back for cargo or other passengers.

Where To Buy Accessories Online

The Lexus NX has a surprising number of accessories to choose from. These accessories are not only great for infusing your NX with a little more personality, but also for improving the quality of the materials used in the various parts of your vehicle. Additionally, some accessories make your car look better and more stylish while others make it more functional and useful.

The first thing you should do if you want to buy Lexus NX accessories online is go directly to the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer will most likely offer a wide variety of products that are designed specifically for your vehicle. You will also be able to find out if there are any discounts or specials available for your particular model of car.

The next place you should check out is your local dealer. If they have an inventory of vehicles similar to yours, they may be able to give you a good deal on some of their parts and accessories.

Buying accessories online is the smarter way to shop. And it’s a lot easier than you might think.

You can buy Lexus Accessories from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. There are no lines and no hassles. You don’t even have to leave your home or office. Just place your order, and your accessories will be delivered right to your door.

To start shopping for accessories, visit the online stores below and select your vehicle model, model year, and region. Then browse through all of the available categories and purchase the accessories that enhance your lifestyle.


If you are looking to buy Lexus NX accessories online, Amazon is the best place. It offers different types of Lexus NX products at affordable prices. You can also choose from a wide array of products on this site. Additionally, they have free shipping offers on their products so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on shipping costs. If you are looking for an affordable way to buy Lexus NX parts and accessories, Amazon is definitely one of the best places for you to go.


Another great place for buying Lexus NX Accessories is eBay. This website has been around since 1995 and it has become one of the biggest online retailers in the world today. They sell everything from electronics and clothing to home decor and toys. If you want to save money when buying your favorite Lexus NX products, you should definitely check out eBay first before going anywhere else.

Where Can I Find Genuine Lexus Parts And Accessories

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Wrapping It up

The Lexus NX is a highly capable crossover SUV that offers an appealing driving experience and a feature-packed interior. One of the NX’s key pros, however, is that it can be loaded up with an array of accessories to suit an owner’s particular tastes. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 most practical and useful Lexus NX accessories.

However, no matter what accessories you choose, they will certainly improve the comfort and safety along with the driving experience. Aftermarket accessories are also in high demand because of how versatile and easy to install they are. If you purchase quality accessories, they will last a long time and enhance your driving experience every time you get behind the wheel.